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Increase profit.
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Hi, I’m Paul MCCoy
You own your business. Your business shouldn’t own you.
I’ve helped owners all over the world create streamlined money machines. How’s your money machine working?
Owning a business doesn’t have to be a 60+ hour work week.
If you feel like you have to take care of everything personally, you have underlying problems that need to be addressed.
Elusive profits. The books just aren’t making sense—money just seems to “disappear.”
Errors and defects. Systems aren’t moving fast enough and your customer service representatives are swamped. 
Unhappy team. Your people aren’t getting things done on time or on budget—and morale is low.
The Tidal Coach Difference
Let’s get you to your “ah-ha” moments.
To solve problems, we first need to identify them. Nothing makes me happier than my client realizing what core issues are holding them back. Here are 3 signs you’re probably ready for my help.
01 Frustrated employees
I can help your team uncover and resolve talent issues or gaps.
02 You’ve tried quick ‘fixes’
My outside perspective will help you see things you couldn’t see before.
03 Issues return
I am not going to treat the symptom— I am going to address the root cause of the problem.

Find your “AH-HA” moments.

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"Paul's real-world experience as a manager and engineer makes him unique in the business coaching space. Paul's observations and recommendations are pragmatic, practical, and well-grounded.
Doug Miller
Owner | Brightworks Group
Business Consulting
Put my experience to work in your business!
Get outside perspective that isn’t blinded in the business.
Have a confident who will truly listen.
Stay on target so you can reach your goals.
How it works
Streamline your business.
Reclaim your time.
[01] Send a message. Explain what issues you’re facing in your business.
[02] We’ll schedule a call. I’ll ask you some questions and we can learn more about each other.
[03] Reclaim your time.
If I think I can help, I’ll put together a plan to move your business forward.
Get Started
Get a clear view of the next step.
I’d love to learn more about your business to help you reclaim your time.

What can be done to overcome this issue? Following a program that introduces incremental changes can help to overcome current issues and return employees to their former status.

Mental Performance Mastery

Have you noticed any differences in your team’s performance that you are struggling to improve? These issues may also manifest themselves in the following ways:


Forgetfulness: Employees may forget important details, appointments, or deadlines.

Decreased productivity: Employees may have difficulty completing tasks, and their output may be lower than normal.

Poor Decision-Making: Employees may make poor decisions, such as taking unnecessary risks, making mistakes, or failing to take action when needed.

Lack of motivation: Employees may seem disinterested or unmotivated, lacking enthusiasm or drive.

Increased Absenteeism: Employees may miss work more often than usual, or maybe consistently be late to work.

Mood Changes: Employees may appear more irritable, anxious, or depressed than usual.

Paul is a visionary, a disrupter and a leading example of results-oriented hard work. His guidance, for my company, led to real business outcomes resulting in a better mindset and a much better looking bottom line.”
Denny Ward
President/Founder at Velocity Sales Consulting
Get the right talent in the right spots.
Streamline production or services to prevent chaos.
Dream big and implement with smart strategies.
Understand your numbers to make informed decisions.
About Tidal Coach
I’m on a mission to empower small businesses.
I started my career as a mechanical engineer designing jet engine components. My career has since taken me to different parts of the world. I’ve spent 25+ years in corporate business, 10+ years in business and executive coaching, and 15+ years advising business owners how to sustainably grow their companies.

For nearly two decades, I have been on a dedicated mission to empower small businesses. My focus has been clarifying business problems, enhancing operational efficiency, enriching the lives of business leaders, and maximizing profit. And as a Certified Innermetrix Consultant, I help teams hire the right folks and supercharge employee performance. It's a magic formula for success.

— Paul McCoy, Owner