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I hear from a lot of people about frustrations they have with the business coaches and the coaching community.

Question: What is YOUR greatest business challenge that YOU are struggling to overcome?

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    đź‘‹ Hi, I'm Paul. I help businesses outgrow their growing pains.

    Growth takes stamina...and cash.

    Plenty of businesses can throw money at their growth problems, but there’s more to it than just funding. 

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    Rapid growth exacerbates problems you didn't know you had.

    Unstable growth limits scalability and puts massive strain on leadership.​

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    Without internal agreement and cooperation, growth is impossible.​

    Why you might need my help


    Your time is being stolen by poor task management, indecision and inefficient systems. 

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    Your teams are struggling because there is no culture, communication is poor and people are in the wrong job or doing the wrong tasks. 

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    Your cash flow is limiting your growth because spending is out of control, dollars aren’t being tracked and expectations are unclear. 

    What can you expect from me?

    1 to 1 Coaching

    I help employees and team members solve personal and professional problems and expand their value to organizations.

    Executive Coaching

    I help executives manage their time better, become great leaders and do more for their organizations. 

    Training and Workshops

    I run seminars, webinars and group coaching sessions for business, associations and non-profits. 

    Business Retreats

    I run retreats for teams and businesses that want to grow together and increase their effectiveness and moral.

    Quarterly Planning

    Quarter-by-quarter planning to keep your business focused on the right things. 


    Roundtable discussion with business leaders to develop solutions to your problems.

    No more 80-hour work weeks

    TIDAL Coaching is founded on the belief that a successful business is a business that runs without it’s owner.

    As a business coach, I believe that you should own your business, not the other way around.

    Too many business owners are buried under 80 hour work-weeks and endless administrative tasks. A far cry from the dream they had when they started their business.

    Business owners win when they begin to work on their business, instead of in their business. By applying proven principles of time-management, organizational best-practices, and mindset development, business owners can build the business of which they always dreamed. A business that works for them.

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    Paul McCoy

    Let's Get Started

    Hear from people I've worked with

    "Paul's real-world experience as a manager and engineer makes him unique in the business coaching space. Paul's observations and recommendations are pragmatic, practical, and well-grounded. His coaching isn't "flavor of the month" or tied to some abstract instrument, but very concrete. Paul is also a completely genuine person! If you are looking for a coach or advisor, I heartily recommend talking to Paul."
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    Doug Miller
    Owner | Brightworks Group
    "I have had the opportunity to work with Paul at a client we share and have seen first-hand how he uses process and methodology to achieve success. He has the ability to see a problem, break it down, create a logical solution and effectively implement it. Additionally, Paul is an active listener with great insight which makes him an excellent coach and mentor. If you want to improve your business or improve yourself, Paul is your man."
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    Rhett Campbell
    Outsourced VP of Sales | Sales Xceleration
    “If you’re ready to take your life to higher levels and sustain continuous growth and improvement, then you must work with Paul. He has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes people’s lives! And, the best thing is that he comes from the heart and truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of others! Do yourself a favor and work with Paul today! You’ll be so grateful you did!”
    James Malinchak
    Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show – The Secret Millionaire, Keynote Speaker and Business Coach
    "Paul is a true leader in every aspect of his professional career. I personally witnessed positive changes in several organizations with his involvement. Paul is respected by his peers for his intellect, leadership abilities and great integrity."
    Renee Chapline
    President and CEO | Virginia Gateway Region Economic Development
    "Paul is a great business coach and mentor. He is excellent at giving solutions to help you work through problems so that you can use this same process in the future and not just giving you the answer to the problem. He is very understanding and tries to learn your business... I would highly recommend Paul!"
    Stacy Shepherd
    Office Manager | Seland Chiropractic
    "Paul has a wealth of experience as a business-man and a husband and father. He coaches from the heart based on what has effectively worked from his experiences - tried and true best practices. Paul is the kind of person you'd want to be around- positive, light, and inspiring. He has helped many professionals succeed in the areas of time allocation, planning, and organization."
    Marlen Wensel
    Owner | Apricot Sun
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    Book me for speaking engagements

    I have over 8 years of public speaking experience. I focus on interactive seminars with practical advice that can be incorporated into business immediately by business owners and leaders. I make myself laugh and sometimes the audience, I’m told it makes the complex business advice I’m delivering a little easier to digest.

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