What are signs that employees have lost their mental performance?

Have you noticed any differences in your team’s performance that you are struggling to improve? In the past, their performance was solid, but lately they have been having trouble focusing on work, staying on task, or completing assignments in a timely manner. The world is increasingly distracted, with technology providing connectedness and when permitted it can cause one to lose an hour, a morning or even a day of work.

These issues may also manifest themselves in the following ways: 

  • Forgetfulness: Employees may forget important details, appointments, or deadlines. 
  • Decreased productivity: Employees may have difficulty completing tasks, and their output may be lower than normal. 
  • Poor Decision-Making: Employees may make poor decisions, such as taking unnecessary risks, making mistakes, or failing to take action when needed. 
  • Lack of motivation: Employees may seem disinterested or unmotivated, lacking enthusiasm or drive. 
  • Increased Absenteeism: Employees may miss work more often than usual, or maybe consistently be late to work. 
  • Mood Changes: Employees may appear more irritable, anxious, or depressed than usual.

What can be done to overcome this issue? 

Following a program that introduces incremental changes can help to overcome current issues and return employees to their former status. 


If these traits are not addressed and allowed to continue, your employees will likely become even less productive. The likelihood of a negative impact on your culture also increases when employees are less productive; this can in turn affect their co-workers, and soon enough become a major problem for the organization.

Can you afford to allow this to continue? 

The first step in solving this is to identify that it is a problem with some of your employees or your organization. 

Once you have identified this as a need to improve, give me a call for a free assessment.   

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James Malinchak