Questions We Are Often Asked

Why do I need a business and personal development coach?

All great performers in sports, entertainment or business have great coaches. Tiger Woods may be a great golfer, but he still benefits from many many coaches, from performance, nutrition, mental, golf technical, putting, and so on.  It is very difficult to be truly objective about yourself and to set yourself difficult challenges and persevere sufficiently to achieve them – A coach will listen and help you see where your current thinking or strategies might be getting in the way of achieving the goals you truly want.
If I am not a big believer all the personal development and a believer in positive thinking?
Like most people you may want some of the following results in your life:
– A more profitable business that is fun and interesting for people to work 
– A business that will eventually work without you
– Better health and fitness
– Less stress in your life and be better organized
– Great relationships with everyone in your life
– All of this whilst holding a balance between your work and personal life
All of those goals can be achieved by developing your skills, knowledge, organization and habits, or to put it another way, to work on your personal development.

Why should I join your program?

The programs offered have main aim, to help you achieve your dreams in your personal life, through developing your business to achieve them.  All too often people manage their business and hope their personal lives fall into line, this is a hopeful approach that is seldom achieved, as you get drawn into your business, your personal life takes a back seat.  
The programs overall approach is to provide the necessary assessment and review to make small adjustments to the business, that is tested and measured to prove its effectiveness, and once demonstrated, to be rolled out as a solution.  With constant measurement of the effectiveness the systems can be tweaked, revised or changed to suit the business changes.  
 A mixture of experience, knowledge and a full support system helps you develop the business through the improvements that ultimately help you increase business revenues and profits in a controlled and faster way. 
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Choosing to join your program, what is the length of commitment?

The program needs 12-months to achieve the level of improvement that most business owners expect to see.  This is where level of achievement is to a level that can provide years of benefits.  The program commitments are however managed by a month-to-month agreement and can cancel at any time. 

Does this just mean I work more even though I am already overworked and overloaded?

Adding coaching will get you to think slightly differently, and help you see different ways of achieving the same goal to the point.  It will quickly become evident that you will be able to adjust your workload to appropriate the time to work on your business and not just in it.   

What areas of my life will you help me on?

Help you to grow personally:
– Define your purpose in life and goals to help you achieve that purpose
– Grow your personal wealth
– Improve your relationships with everyone
– Help you lead a more joyful and balanced life
– Develop excellent habits in all areas of your life
– Improve your health and fitness.
– Develop habits to improve your general happiness levels.

Help you grow your business profits:

– Develop a vision and mission for your business 
– Develop short, mediums and long-range business plans
– Improve sales and marketing
– Build and then retain a great team around you
– Develop great customer service systems to deliver on your promises
– Manage your budgets and grow profitability