PNM Coaching & Consulting

Solving today’s hardest mechanical engineering problems by applying the right resources to achieve the desired results.

We can deliver the full initiation of concept to delivery of the final solution by project managing the work needed to be performed for you.

Engineering Consultancy

TIDAL Coach has a leg of its business that is designed to tackle the hardest engineering problems by bringing in over 40 years of engineering experience providing solutions to complex engineering problems. We continuously innovate to push the boundaries of engineering and technology today.

Consultancy Services

Project Management

Manage your tasks, projects, programs, and processes to completion in-time and to budget.

Strategy Overview

Develop your business strengths and uncover areas for improvement. 

Engineering Management

Manage your team to get the best out of every team member. 

Team Development

Identify how the team is performing and training to fulfil the business needs. 

The TIDAL Coach Process

We start by studying and understanding the key challenges that our clients wish to address.  By starting with an in-depth analysis of your business, further issues can be brough to light, ones that can be the true root cause of the problems not just the symptoms. 

Once this information is collated, it is presented together with solutions that will address each area in need of changing or improving.

Our people provide the best solutions for our customers on time and on budget.

Engineering Project Management

Based on years of engineering design, manufacturing, operations, purchasing, project management, program management, our team can take projects from their current position to completion.  

SBIR Phases 1, 2 and 3 Project Development

With years in the engineering research, design, development and production fields, TIDAL Coach is uniquely positioned to take the lead to solving problems through the SBIR program.  With many years’ experience on the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) side of the business working these programs, and extensive dealings with small businesses, TIDAL Coach is able and available to take SBIR programs through their three Phases. This will take an idea from initiation and conceptual phases in research and development within the SBIR Phase 1. 

Through SBIR Phase 2‘s Prototyping and/or Research and Development.  Then on to SBIR Phase 3 Commercialization of products. 

All with the goal to achieve commercially viable solutions that satisfy the needs of the small business, the sponsoring business, and the overall SBIR Program. 

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