Mental Performance Mastery – Mastering YOU and YOUR Teams Mental Performance

What are signs that employees have lost their mental performance? Have you noticed any differences in your team’s performance that you are struggling to improve? In the past, their performance was solid, but lately they have been having trouble focusing on work, staying on task, or completing assignments in a timely manner. The world is […]

3 Steps to Inspire Self-Confidence During Difficult Times

It can be difficult to believe in yourself when things seem hopeless, especially if you’re facing a difficult business situation, but your mindset will determine your level of success (or lack thereof). A positive mindset can empower you to abolish hurdles before they become too challenging. When everything around you seems to be crumbling into […]

7 Ways to Bounce Back From Hopeless Business Situations

Whether it’s a business problem, the end of a relationship, or the inevitable foreclosure of a home, some circumstances are simply beyond saving. There are some situations that have to run their course and other plans need to be made. But hopeless events don’t exclude the possibility of better days ahead. If you’re in a […]

5 Strategies Business Owners Can Use to Increase Motivation

Motivated Business Owner

What does it take to increase your motivation? You set goals, make plans, get excited, but then procrastinate when it comes time to do something. Many of us are cursed with the ability to feel good about the planning process, but awful about acting on those plans. This is a disconnect that few people understand […]

15 Tips for Rising Above Big Business Setbacks

Small business owner learning how to rise above a business setback

Running into business setbacks is quite common for new and experienced business owners. Even well-known brands, like Twinkies, have experienced their fair share of difficulties. The key is knowing how to make a comeback. You may remember when Twinkies briefly disappeared from the stores after their parent company went bankrupt. Despite this, Twinkies were soon […]

When Plans Go Awry: How to Overcome Any Unexpected Business Challenge

When things don’t go as planned —in life or in business — it can be difficult to figure out what to do next. The best thing you can do when facing an unexpected business challenge is to determine how you’re going to react.  The way that you react can either keep you stuck in a […]

5 Things Business Owners Can Do Every Day to Increase Motivation

Person who's motivated

When you’re running a business, one of the most powerful tools you have is self-motivation. People who are self-motivated don’t need to look outside themselves for something to give them a boost when things get difficult; They can draw from the motivation they have within!   Do you want to develop a sense of motivation that […]

7 Ways to Maintain Enthusiasm When Facing Difficult Business Situations

Female business owner with a great business mindset for facing business challenges: staying enthusiastic

What’s the best business mindset for overcoming obstacles and challenges? Life and business will always have challenges. If you can maintain your enthusiasm, you’ll find that it’s easier to overcome hard times. To prepare your business—and yourself—for small and large obstacles that you’re bound to face, the best thing to do is prepare the skills […]